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Samsung Wireless Earbuds

Our Wireless earbuds for iphone are water resistant and will keep your hearing all day long, they feature an 5 watt sound range and an app for basic control. They also come with an 2 year warranty.

Bluetooth Earphones
Samsung - Galaxy Buds2 R177 True Wireless Earbud Headphones - NEW SEALED !!!
Phantom Black

Samsung White Earbuds

Our new Samsung white earbuds are exceptional substitute to enjoy your music without having to worry about getting wet, the earbuds are water-resistant for example and can be used even in boiling water which is best-in-the-class wherever like most people. Our earbuds are also fawcett-licensed and have a standard 3, 5 mm jack so you can easily connect to your phone. The earbuds are designed for the future of music and calls, they have a water resistant design and are stereo bluetooth earbuds with a phone call feature. The earbuds allow you to hear your phone call through the music and video content, you can also use the earbuds as a regular earbuds with a phone call feature. The earbuds come with an in-vehicle satan and an 20% discount on all Samsung products, the Samsung galaxy buds plus sm-r175 2022 Wireless bluetooth earbuds headset is a top-grade set of headphones for people who ache for quality and performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional headphones. With up to 20 b original Samsung galaxy plus sm-r175 right or left or case is head set offers beneficial sound quality and facile set up with its simple matrix design, the black color is prime for any room and the overall look and feel of these earbuds is simple and chic. The Samsung Wireless earbuds are top-notch alternative to share the home screen and music of your device while keeping your hearing safe, the earbuds have a whirring sound to help with noise cancelling and a white design to make you stand out in a company town.