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Ifrogz Plugz Wireless Earbuds Not Charging

Wireless earbuds are top solution for people who desire the convenience of bluetooth music playback but the protection of a physical earpad, with anodized aluminum finish, these earbuds provide support for all types.

Ifrogz Plugz Wireless Earbuds Not Charging Walmart

If you have an iphone, iphone 6 or iphone 5 then these are for you, if you have an android phone, if you have a computer, if you want to take your music and look good doing it, Plugz Wireless earbuds are Not charging, you can try to clear your device's cache and cache by doing a stored library cleaner & cleaner for ios and android. You can try to charge them using the included charger or visit our com and get a charger for them, if audio products are given a "3 out of 5 stars" on amazon, they are generally as-expected and a good value. They come with an 6-month warranty, and came at a good price, however, they do Not charge for use, so be sure to pick the appropriate size for your needs.