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Harley Davidson Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

The Harley Davidson Bluetooth Wireless earbuds with mic new nib part 94500185 is a peerless alternative to hear the action, these earbuds provide beneficial sound quality and are facile to sets up. The earbuds come with an 3 month warranty.

Harley Davidson Wireless Earbuds

The Harley Davidson Wireless earbuds are unrivaled alternative to enjoy the sun and music while on the go, these earbuds are fast and facile to operate and are sure to please, with their Wireless technology they will last long in your pocket. These are new type of earbuds that have been created with a Bluetooth technology, they are made with a high-quality microphone and are unequaled for making calls or listening to music. They are available in colors like blue, black, and red, and are made to be very comfortable to wear, the Harley Davidson earbuds are designed for and are put together well with no afraid of breaking. They are sound-y and effective and practical for individuals who are searching for Wireless Bluetooth earbuds, these Wireless Bluetooth earbuds work excellent and are selling cheap. They look new, they are Harley Davidson Bluetooth Wireless earbuds.