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Focus True Wireless Earbuds

Biconic Focus is a first-rate earbuds for individuals who yearn for the best radio access in all of music, with a built in speaker and a clear sound, you can hear everything well and loud. These earbuds are enticing for people who desire the best sound quality and are covered inbuilt-in speaker for facile listening.

W/charging Box Case

Best Focus True Wireless Earbuds

The new sealed bass jaxx bluetooth Focus True Wireless earbuds box case are first-class substitute for suitors who crave a top sound quality in their music lives, these earbuds have a high-quality build and features so you can't go wrong. They come with a built in charging box and a built in charger so you can stay charge your earbuds all day long, the Focus True Wireless earbuds are exceptional snack time activity. They have a cool design with the earbuds being set at an up-and-down anvil, with the blue being the strike and the earpads having finger weights for increase durability, the earbuds are also removable for uncomplicated removal for other uses. The earbuds are made of durable and flexible plastic and have a long and-brushed metal design, they are available in red, green, black, and yellow. With its Focus motor, these earbuds make it basic to Focus on your music and not worry about all the background noise, additionally, the earbuds have a noise level limit of ten levels which ensures that you're not getting over- noise from the earbuds. They have a thin and lightweight design, making them facile to wear and your phone, they have a clear case, making them straightforward to keep clean and being able to stay on while listening.