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Diginex Bluetooth Earbuds

Introducing the Bluetooth earbuds! These earbuds are all about performance and convenience, they're wireless, so you can get to your music as quickly as possible. The earbuds have a built-in earphone jack so you can easily call home, and, when you're done, you can easily charge your earbuds with the included battery.

Diginex Bluetooth Earbuds Ebay

The Bluetooth earbuds are practical surrogate to listen to music without having to carry around a signed driver, they come in different colors and have a blue or red light to let you know they're fully charged. The earbuds also work with an iphone 7 or 7 s and an android 2, 3 or 2. 0 device, the earbuds have a small hole in the middle of the back so you can put in an ear-pod if you want to adopt them as a with their innovative earbuds design, you can enjoy your music from anywhere in the world. The earbuds have been designed with a light-up light and an 3-year battery life in mind, with their automatic noise-cancellation feature, you can also enjoy your music at home or on the go. The earbuds are new type of earbuds that are wireless in nature, making them unrivaled for any environment. They offer good sound quality and are effortless to wear, they have a built in charging momentum and are sterling for com use or making calls. They are also noise-cancelling, so you can focus on your work or music.